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About Us

Edna De Leon

In 2008, my interest in working with children began. After graduating in 2007, I heard about the CDA degree and made the decision to take these classes. I loved the coursework and I became even more interested in child development and learning. I started looking for work in children's centers with the help of one of my teachers.  Through her, I found a job at David's Star Child Development Center, where I found myself working with many children and being able to apply all that I had learned from my courses.   I grew up in a big family with 6 sisters and 2 brothers and I felt at home with so many children.

In 2012, my sister Moyoly and I decided to create our own home daycare. After almost a year of hard work to fulfill all the requirements to open a home daycare, in 2013 all of our dreams came true when we opened Peaceful Play. Thanks to God and to the help of Ms.  Amy Harfeld, who gave us support in recommending other parents after we began caring for her daughter Dahlia. Since then, we do our best so that every child in Peaceful Play can feel at home, and so that parents can feel confident that their children will be well taken care in our school.

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