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Our Approach...


Our mission at Peaceful Play is to provide every student with a teacher with strong values who loves ​​to care for and educate each child, and to provide parents with a feeling of safety and security.  We work according to a creative curriculum where teachers are able to plan and address each of the foundational developmental areas - socio-emotional, language, physical, cognitive. In addition, we cover a wide variety of content areas, such as math, literacy, science and technology, social studies, and art, all while immersing your child in the Spanish language. They learn the language from a young age - through manipulating, touching different textures, painting, singing, practicing - with all the teachers well-prepared to give high quality instruction in the Spanish language. Above all else, they are receiving a lot of love from each teacher, so that they can feel safe and happy in the space where they spend most of their time.


Age Range:  6 weeks to 5 years

Available Hours:  7:30am - 6pm, Monday through Friday

Tuition:  $450 per week home daycare/ $500 in the Center

Daycare Director:  Edna De Leon/Mayoly De Leon 

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